Group Profile

In the JF Group name the letters JF stand for Janssen-Fritsen, a firm founded in 1950 by the Janssen family as a ‘factory for games equipment’. The Fritsen family was joint financier. Over the years, Janssen-Fritsen started focusing on the development and manufacturing of sports equipment, including advice, fitting and maintenance. Equipment for both physical education and world-class gymnastics. 

The JF Group was created by Janssen-Fritsen's acquisition of Spieth Gymnastics in Germany, Adec Sport in Belgium and Schelde Sports in the Netherlands. The four companies work together very intensively in a wide array of areas: product development, purchasing, logistics, ICT, distribution and policy. In 2014 JF-Group joined the Abéo-group. 

Our brand values
For all products and services of the JF Group, the following brand values apply:

  • Safety
    Safety is priority number one for all activities in the JF Group. And because we're talking about people, the sport and play materials must meet the toughest requirements.
  • Confidence
    The JF Group provides its clients with a generous warranty on all its products. But we also guarantee that parts will remain available for many years to come.
  • Personal service
    We are always ready to serve our clients. There is a personal adviser ready to deal with any question – a permanent contact who is always in your locality.



Our significance
Adequate exercise is good for your health. Nobody doubts that. JF Group equipment compels people to get exercising. At any level and any age.

But we love to go just that bit further, as the world and its inhabitants are precious to us. And that's why we aim for embedding sustainability in all our policies. By giving your equipment a second lease of life, using FSC/PEFC-certified wood and expressly avoiding child labour.

JF Group Facts & Figures

The JF Group aims for a continuous and moderate sales growth in the core business. This growth can occur both organically and through acquisitions. We also strive to spread our turnover across several markets.

Founded in: 1950
Group turnover: € 50.000.000
Number of employees: 200
Total of Brands: 5