Key figures

The JF Group aims for continual moderate growth in sales in its core business. This growth can be both autonomous or through takeovers. We also strive to spread our sales across various markets. This strategy enables us to safeguard as far as possible the continuity of our business.

We have always been a family firm. And that's why we're cautious about publishing detailed financial data. It is worth mentioning that the JF Group has been profitable every year since 1985. All acquisitions have been financed from our own funds.

The JF Group employs about 200 (180 FTE) personnel.

Energy consumption
The JF Group aims for continual reductions in energy usage. 

These reductions are realized in the following ways:

  • Accommodation: 
    All divisions are located in modern business units that meet high energy performance norms. The final step in this process was the move of Janssen-Fritsen Belgium in 2015.
  • Vehicle fleet:
    Since 2009, all passenger and commercial vehicles of the JF Group will meet the highest energy norms applicable in the countries concerned.
  • Close to the client:
    JF Group aims to serve its clients from close by. Service engineers, sales advisers and dealers must therefore be located where possible in the direct locality of clients and users. This is subject to a process of continual improvement.